Identity Verification & Protection

Identity verification
and protection

TradeFred is dedicated to providing a secure investment environment for all our clients. As such, we implement a number of procedures to keep your funds safe.

We try to build a detailed picture of our clients so that we can understand their behaviours and investment habits. This enables us to easily identify any irregular activity in a trading account.

In addition, TradeFred operates strict identity verification procedures to validate our clients. This is why we require all traders to provide a series of documents when they open a live investment account.

Here is a list of documents we require:

  • Proof of identity – such as a valid passport, driver’s licence or national ID card
  • Proof of residence – such as a utility bill or local authority tax statement
  • A scanned copy (both sides) of your credit card – only needed if you intend to deposit by card

In order for your documents to be accepted, they need to be valid, contain your full name, an expiry date, date/place of birth and a recent photograph.

To further protect our clients, TradeFred will also monitor things such as IP addresses, the devices used to place trades, and the times at which investments are usually carried out. We will then use this information to identify anything that falls outside of these parameters.

We aim to carry out all of these verification procedures discreetly to ensure there is no interference with your day-to-day usage of our service.